La-Tessa Montgomery Joins Fellow Authors in New Release: Seven Dress Sizes

I’m pleased to welcome a rising star who writes romance with a touch of sass, La-Tessa Montgomery, whose newest story in Seven Dress Sizes is on sale now. La-Tessa, congratulations, and welcome!


Thank you Lisa for having me today and allowing me the opportunity to meet your readers.

First off, a little about myself. I’m an author of contemporary romance and paranormal fiction and a circumspect poet. I’ve been writing my entire life, mostly short stories for class assignments and journaling in my diary. The older I got, the more I realized my writing talent, so I fostered and groomed my business writing skills and headed off into the world of drafting business plans and analytics. Then one day in 2008, two wacky characters popped into my mind and wouldn’t leave. So, I picked up my pen and started writing their story. I’ve not looked back since. 🙂

Seven Dress Sizes: How do you measure up?

Seven Dress Sizes explores different women from different walks of life and their struggles with “the standard” of beauty and what society says they should feel about their current dress size. What is a woman’s worth? What is beauty? How do you view yourself in comparison to others? These are some of the questions each story in this collection explores. I was asked by the CEO/Editor of 7DS books last year to contribute a short to this collection after she’d come across a sample of my writing via one of my writing buddies. After she explained the collection’s concept, I immediately signed on and got to work.

My short story, “Found Rhythm”, takes a bit of a unique approach to the collection’s overall theme. My story features a slim, size 7 African American heroine by the name of Isa Taylor. According to “the standard”, Isa should be 100% comfortable with her size, weight, and measurements. I mean, she’s a size 7, what’s there not to love about that? This size implies she is fit, trim, isn’t battling with cellulite, or afraid to go sleeveless out of fear her “bat wings” (A.K.A underarm fat) will become the center of attention. By definition of her dress size, society says she’s beautiful and should strut around with her head held high, knowing she’s the envy of nearly every woman in same room as her. This is not the case for Isa. I chose to explore how her cultural influences and preferences dominated her perceptions about her size and shape. Maybe the world views her as the “skinny bitch” to be envied, but Isa is very self conscious and seeks keep her body hidden from public view.

I didn’t have to look too far for source material for this story. I reflected on my past peronal struggles with “the standard” when I was young and impressionable. I took the gist of past hurt, pain, and low self-esteem, simmered them in my imagination for a bit, then created the world and circumstance Isa lives in. With “Found Rhythm”, I wanted to show how “the standard” is just a moving target no one can ever really reach. Regardless of a person’s size and what society says about it, that person is bound to have one or two physical hang ups they are embarrassed about. Or, contrary to “the standard”, they embrace that which they should shun. I had fun with Isa. I tormented her a little (ok, maybe a lot-lol), but she was rewarded handsomely. I wanted to make sure her vulnerabilities came through, but so did her backbone in her journey to self acceptance and growth. It was really important for me to give her that chance to roar and claim herself and her worth.

Again Lisa, thanks so much for hosting me today. If any of your readers are would like to know about me, and my comings and goings, I can be found on the web at:
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Also, in celebration of my release, I am giving away a copy of the Seven Dress Sizes collection!! See entry details here!


Thank you, La-Tessa. Best of luck to you! Friends, purchase La-Tessa’s story here.


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